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Our new 2012 offerings focus on the
theme of ‘identity!’

Children explore their own identities through designing patterns, building mobiles, and creating tactile stories.

Visiting ceramicist, Keri Straka, will lead a special clay workshop.

Learn about sustainable farming from an organic farmer.

photo portrait encourages children to explore their surroundings with a camera.

And much, much more!

Program Description

Journey through the Rainbow World is an immersive one-week program that provides the opportunity for children to engage in and explore meaningful connections between art and design through the diverse colors of the rainbow. Children build creative skills through hands-on making, design thinking, connections to the natural world, and food.

Much more than a typical “art camp,” we provide an interactive atmosphere that encourages the development of sensory skills and creative problem-solving, promotes cooperative work, and stirs the imagination.

The Rainbow World­ is a world of imagination, myth, illumination and promise. The journey begins in the colorless world and ends with the promise of gold! In addition to projects in multiple media, children document their week-long journey in a process book that contains their writing, sketching, and photos of their final projects. These books will serve as inspiration for future endeavors and as a reflection on this special journey.

Please read more on our program’s purpose and philosophy here.

Dates + Schedule

June 25–June 29, 2012
Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–3:30 pm


$350 (includes lunch each day)


Register by April 1, 2012. You may download the registration form from our register page.

Program Size

Limited to twelve (minimum eight)


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